An Example Sample Project Proposal on Improving Sanitation and Hygiene Situation


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This project proposal is designed to improve Sanitization and Hygiene situation in rural communities. The specific objectives of the project is to bring about behavior change in the communities by promoting low cost of hand washing facilities with soap and to develop friendly WASH facilities in rural communities and primary schools to improve hygiene practices.

Description of The Project

Project Title- Project Proposal to improve Sanitization and Hygiene Situation

Location of the project – xxxx

Implementing organization- ABC

Email: xxxxxxxxxxx

Principal collaborators – xxxxxxx

Amount requested from WASH – US$ xxxxx Community contribution (in Kind) of land – US$ xxxxxx, Duration: 24 months (2 years)

Summary of The Project

The problem; according to reports of XXXX population, which is approximately xxxx men, women and children. xxxx house hold do not have access to safe water and sanitation facilities, furthermore it is estimated that over 154 thousand people still practice open defecation in fields, plastic bags, rivers, lakes and Drink River, lake water. It is also estimated that almost 180 thousand people do not have washing facilities with soap. There is proof that there is a direct relation between wash and health of the community and individuals. Unsafe water and inadequate sanitation and hygiene practices can have issues on the health of the people, most likely the children between 1 year to 5 years. Children die every day of diarrhea due to lack of appropriate WASH facilities.

XXXX, health department reports that over 55 to 85 percent of diseases are attributed to limited access to inadequate sanitation and hygiene services in XXXX, Uganda. With the information above, it clearly shows the need to establish a sustainable model for wash to improve the existing situation. The overall objective of the project is to successfully establish and demonstrate a sustainable model for improving water supply, hygiene and sanitation in rural communities and primary schools in XXXX district. The project will be launched in coordination with the local communities and XXXX local authorities. By adopting wash, it will be through a participatory and integrated approach. The project will help the rural communities in adopting safe drinking water practices and hygiene management.

The project will be implemented over a period of 24 months (2 years)

 Aims and Objectives Of The Project

The overall objective of the project is to successfully establish and demonstrate a sustainable model for improving water supply, hygiene and sanitation in rural communities and put in place a 4 stare toilet rooms at a primary school in XXXXX district.

Specific Objectives

    • To bring about behavior change in the communities with respect to WASH by promoting low cost of hand washing facilities with soap.
    • To develop friendly WASH facilities in rural communities and primary schools in XXXXX district to improve hygiene practices.

 Beneficiaries of The Project

The project will be implemented in XXXXX district Eastern region, which is one of the districts in Uganda. The project will directly benefit a total of 1260 individuals from community based organization (CBO) of which 836 are women and 424 are men by providing them with low cost hand washing facilities with soap. The project will also construct a four stance toilet at a primary school in XXXXX district, eastern region, Uganda. (2 stances for girls and 2 stances for boys). The project will install a solar borehole for the community to have safe water for drinking.

Implementation of The Project

The project will be implemented through a participatory and collaborative approach. The local communities, school management committee and XXXXX district officials will be involved thought the project implementation. The project will have two sets of activities, one set of the activities will be towards community awareness on WASH and the other set of activities will be about infrastructure in the rural areas, and avail 1260 members with low hand washing facilities with soap in primary school in the identified project village. These activities if implemented will make the project effective and successful.

Activity (Community Awareness and Mobilization)

    • Situation Analysis: To understand the existing practices about wash, our team will take a detailed situation analysis, a questionnaire will be used to collect data from individuals on knowledge, attitude and practice on water sanitation and hygiene wash and site visit will be conducted to get information on status of wash related infrastructure in the community and in primary schools.
    • The aim of the study will be:
      • To access the knowledge, attitude and practice of rural communities on water sanitation and hygiene in the identified project site in XXXXX district in Uganda
      • Existing infrastructure for water supply, status of toilets, availability of hand washing facilities with soap etc.
    • Creating awareness:
      • The first step is to create awareness amongst the communities on issues related to WASH. If the communities understand the importance of safe water, sanitation and hygiene, it will be easier for them to adopt the practices.
      • To come up with success awareness, the following measurers will be followed.
    • Develop a plan for awareness:
      • The project team will work with an external consultant to develop a plan for caring out the awareness drive. Awareness plan will cover;
        • Identify key stakeholders (school management committee. Parents, health officials, local leaders etc.) Communication material for awareness drive (posters, brochures
        • Key messages to be used during the awareness session
        • Key activities to be conducted for satisfying the community to have maximum impact
    • Design of IEC material
      • The design team will prepare IEC material to be used for the awareness drive. Important key messages related to wash will be printed on posters, banners, leaflets and booklets. The material will be both in English and vernacular and will have implied graphics and data to show the importance of good WASH practices.
    • Awareness Drives:
      • Once the necessary material for awareness is ready, we will initiate the awareness drive, in the project villages, XXXXX district eastern region, Uganda. We shall be distributing the IEC material in the villages of XXXXX district and will keep some material even at the community venues, primary school and health centers
    • Community Mobilization
      • The purpose of the mobilization is to engage with community members to address the issues related to Wash in XXXXX District.
      • Considering the proposed project will yield the desired outcome only when implemented in a participatory approach, it will be important to mobilize the community right from the early stage so as to get their feedback for improving the existing WASH condition in XXXXX.
    • Activities that we will take as Part of community mobilization
      • Community meetings with teacher’s, community leaders, religious local leaders, health officials to discuss the WASH issues
      • Village literacy to fairs to share WASH information
      • Door to door to discuss the importance of WASH and practices to be used to ensure proper hygiene.
    • Formation of volunteer wash coalition
      • Volunteers from the community are vital to achieve the mission to improve WASH indicators in project village
      • Individuals who were active and have a good behavior in that village will be brought together to form a village wash coalition. This group of volunteers will be trained by us to carry out the extension/ create awareness on safe use of the related activities in their respective villages
      • Create awareness will include maintenance and operation of facilities Prevent contamination of water
      • Keep the solar borehole clean
      • Monitoring the borehole project on hygiene and following WASH practices
    • Training on WASH
      • The volunteer WASH coalition will be trained on various aspects required for improving wash practices at hold level.
    • This will include:
      • Good methods of hand washing
      • Use of drying rack of drying washed utensils maintaining a clean compound
      • Drinking and storing safe water Building and using simple toilet

 Activity (School and Solar Borehole Infrastructural Development)

    • Identification of schools and site for solar borehole;
      • The first task towards the infrastructure development of a solar borehole and a primary school will be identified in XXXXX schools and that which have a big number of children of 3-15 years will be selected for the development of the toilet infrastructure and for the solar borehole where the community fetch water from afar distance of more than two kilometer
    • Viability assessment
      • ABC team will conduct a visibility assessment of all the identified schools and site area of the project to understand the infrastructural requirement for each school and solar borehole, this will need the team to understand the:
        • A viability of water Nearest to water sources
        • Space for consumption of toilet Space for hand washing facility
        • Space for insulation of solar borehole Quality of available water
        • Drainage of grey water
        • Treatment of water to make it safe for consumption
      • Development of child friendly, hygiene and sanitation facilities:
        • Basing on the visibility ABC shall develop child friendly hygiene and sanitation facilities. This will include the following facilities in the identified school and solar borehole selected area
        • Separate toilets for girls and boys hand washing facilities (basin, tape stand) Proper drainage and treatment to grey water
        • Soap dispensers Safe drinking water
        • The school and the community will be responsible for the maintenance and cleaning up of the facilities and ensure that students use the toilets, community access safe drinking water. We will also be conducting an education campaign in the project schools.
      • Education on wash in schools
        • Developing the facilities in the schools will be of help only when the students and teachers use the facilities and change their attitude towards wash to ensure that the facilities are used properly and children understand the importance of sustainable sanitation hygiene. ABC will be organizing a comprehensive wash education series in the project schools.
        • The education campaign will include,
          • Regular classes on maintaining hygiene in school
          • Importance of hand washing Preventing contaminated water
      • Formation of WASH clubs
        • Each school will also have a wash club of students. The purpose of this wash clubs will be to ensure that all students in the school are using the facilities properly and are following basic wash practices

Implementing Organisation

ABC integrated co-operative society limited is an umbrella organization comprising of 44 rural producers organizations totaling to XXX members of which XXX are female and XXXX are males, youths are XXX. ABC’S area of operation is within XXXX and XXXX districts. It’s a registered co- operative was registered in 2013. XXXX offices are located at XXXX District (U). Currently ABC is involved in issues related to woman empowerment, rural water sanitation and hygiene programs, value chain in production marketing, climate mitigation, village savings, loans activities and others. We have an experience of over 3 years in implementing water and sanitation projects in XXXXX Uganda.

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